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Pewter Eolh Algiz Talisman Pendant Review

Nordic mythology is fascinating, as it is full of stories with transcendental meanings both for humanity as a whole and for each of us as individuals. This amulet features a rune that is a traditional Nordic symbol of protection.

Algiz means “elk” and this amulet has the Algiz rune engraved on it beautifully. This rune, according to tradition, offers protection to the bearer as much as the horns of an elk can offer, so this rune is a shield and spear at the same time. This rune is used to bring pain to the one who causes pain to the bearer of the amulet.

In a less vengeful interpretation, this rune also resembles a man with arms raised to heaven and is linked to the aspect of home and nature protection. The deity related to this symbol is Heimdall, son of Odin. The meaning of “Heim” is home. It was considered by the Vikings as the symbol of victory and allowed bearers to obtain the blessing of the gods.

Why This Pendant is Worth Grabbing

Pewter Eolh Algiz Talisman Pendant

The product is everything you would want from a piece like this. The pendant is nicely crafted with a flowing design that is distinguishable on the necklace despite its size. This light amulet is impressive with the quality of its details.

The little swirling patterns engraved in the pendant are beautiful. It’s also shinier than you may think and it has a freshly polished look. The rune symbol in the center and the swirly patterns at the edge, frame it perfectly and create a sense of movement.

The only complaint that can be made about this beautiful necklace is about the chain. Although for the cost we cannot expect this necklace to come with a gold chain, some buyers have described the simple black cord that it comes with to be a shoelace, even with the plastic tips on the ends. The thin round cord still does look nice with the delicate amulet, so don’t let this put you off. In any case, the cord can be easily replaced by one that is better suited for the wearer’s style.

This amulet is suitable for everyday wear, and it can be dressed up or down by switching out the cord for a chain, or even color-coordinated with an outfit. Enjoy the protection of the elk with this beautiful amulet, no matter how you choose to wear it.


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