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The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Jace’s Key Chain Light Review

The Mortal Instrument novels have attracted the attention of many people, and this attention has been reflected in a variety of products based on the novels. The most popular among the fans have been the movie and television series, but in addition to these, or perhaps because of the movies and novels, there are also replicas of the weapons and other items that the characters used in the saga. One of these items is the popular Jace’s stele.

Of this weapon, in particular, there have been several replica items made to appeal to the fans of the series. Here we present one that, in addition to being a replica of the stele, is a keychain that has a blue light like the one from the Shadowhunters.

Another Toy for the Fans

Jace's Key Chain Light

This replica keychain has quite a lot of similarity to the weapon shown in the movie. If you are one of those fans who has read all the books, saw the movie and bought the collectible items, surely you will want to have this. However, although its great resemblance to Jace’s stele is a point in its favor, in terms of quality, this keychain leaves much to be desired.

Biggest Complaints

In the first place, it is totally impractical as a keychain. It is too big and fragile to be useful. Because it is made of plastic, it is comfortable to wear, but the keychain is quickly detached from the rest of the toy. Only women who carry it in their purses may not find the size an inconvenience. In fact, in these circumstances, the fact that it is pretty big could be a plus, because it would be easier to find in a bag. So if you like large keychains for that purpose, this could be a great piece for you.

Still Works as a Light

The ultraviolet light works well; in fact, it is the best thing that the product has to offer. So, if you ignore that this item is promoted as a keychain, and you just want a toy because you are a fan of the novels, then you can consider this a good addition to your collection. With it, your Shadowhunter costume for Halloween will be complete and you will attract the attention of your friends with such a striking toy.

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