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Isabelle Lightwood’s Necklace Replica Review

Everyone who follows The Mortal Instruments knows that Isabelle Lightwood’s necklace is one of the most important accessories of the series. Every fan who collects jewelry inspired by this series must have this fundamental piece in their collection.

The necklace that Isabelle wears is a sensor that has been passed down from hand to hand in her family for generations. This necklace is made with magnificent rubies, and it pulses and shines in the presence of demons to warn Isabelle of incoming danger.

Lureme’s High-Quality Replica

Isabelle Lightwood's Necklace Replica

This necklace is based on the version presented in the film. The Lureme company has created a product with high-quality standards. They have rigorous control processes, where each item is reviewed by quality control experts. Lureme also uses a manufacturing process that is friendly to the environment when it comes to materials and finishing techniques.

With a luxury appearance, this necklace is appropriate for any fan obsessed with the series, whether she has been following it since its beginning, or is discovering it now and become hooked. It also is simply a gorgeous piece of costume jewelry in and of itself. It likely would go well with an angelic power rune bracelet as well if you’re really looking to fit the part!

Besides being perfect for Halloween or at a convention with a Shadowhunters costume, it can be worn whenever you want to give an elegant and gothic look to your outfit. You should be prepared to receive all the attention and compliments that this beautiful accessory naturally generates. As fitting for a piece of such fictional significance, it’s a bold and striking necklace that will certainly make you stand out.

The Few Downsides

While it’s certainly a great piece, some small differences can be found with respect to the necklace of the series. The main thing is that the chain is not as long as Isabelle’s. There are always disagreements between fans of the books and the movie or TV series. Because this necklace is based on the one that Isabelle wore in the film, there are discrepancies with certain aspects of the necklace. In general, however, the necklace satisfies most of the fans.

Another problem more connected to the real world has to do with the discomfort that the necklace can cause at certain times when it rubs against the skin. The thinness of the metal may be another thing that some people may not like.

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