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Flexible Bendable Gold Snake Necklace Review

When we prepare an outfit, a common rule is to choose something to be the star garment, the one that stands out, that catches the attention of all. Then we’ll select everything else with the purpose of highlighting our star garment to the fullest.

Any type of clothing can become a statement piece: a blouse, pants, shoes…everything depends on the occasion and the person. However, some of the most common statement pieces aren’t garments at all but jewelry, such as rings, earrings, or necklaces. Necklaces very commonly used as statement pieces. They easily have the greatest effect due to their location on the body.

A Stylish Gold Snake Necklace

Flexible Bendable Gold Snake Necklace

One great option for a statement necklace is a Flexible Bendable Snake Necklace. This beautiful necklace is delicately designed, with details that create a snake which perches around your neck with a golden color, giving you an air of mystery and elegance.

This product is made of a resistant metal alloy, and it has a magnet in the head of the snake. It’s a versatile piece that, according to the manufacturer, can also be worn as a bracelet or a belt. Undoubtedly, this makes it an ideal accessory for many different outfits and costumes, and you can be sure you’ll get plenty of compliments.

The Reality

While the design is charming and really immediately becomes the topic of conversation, the quality of the product is not entirely satisfactory. To begin with, it simply does not work as anything other than a necklace. Any attempt to use it as a belt or even a bracelet will end in failure. If you try to wear it as a belt, it’ll come loose and fall off as soon as you move. As a bracelet, it’s a failure, as any movement makes it slip along your arm. This is due to the very low strength of the magnet in the head of the snake that is not capable of supporting the weight of the accessory.

If you want to wear this item like a necklace, which is appealing because it is quite beautiful, it can serve you well. But give up the idea of using it as something other than a necklace, and don’t fall under the impression that it will last forever. While it will not break instantly, it’s an inexpensive piece that won’t hold up forever. Either way, it’ll be a striking piece while it lasts!

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