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How to Remove Temporary Tattoos

Most temporary tattoos have a lifespan of up to week before they start fading, cracking and disappear gradually. Temporary tattoos are great for experimenting if you’re not sure if you want a permanent tattoo or if you know you’ll just want it for a weekend. They can resemble permanent tattoos and you can remove them without much effort when you want to try a new one or just want to get rid of it. While they look great at first, after some time they start to wear and it can be better to just remove them. Whatever the reason, there are several ways to remove temporary tattoos.

Baby Oil or Other Oils

You might have tried water or even soap with no luck. They aren’t very effective for well-imprinted tattoos. You can try using baby oil. Start by applying a small quantity and gently rubbing the edges. This will soften up the tattoo and without much effort, you can easily remove the entire tattoo. You can also try other oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil if you don’t have baby oil on hand.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover can be very effective in removing tattoos. It contains acetone, a useful chemical for removing any kind of stain or pigment on the skin. Use a cotton swab or pad and gently wipe over the tattoo area. When you are done, make sure you wash your skin with water to clean the acetone off your skin. If you don’t want to go with nail polish remover, you can also try mouthwash, peroxide or alcohol. Simply rinse your skin where you have the tattoo and then rub it off with a warm, moist cloth. You can repeat this procedure a few times and that should get rid of your tattoo.

Scotch Tape

Believe it or not, the simple adhesive tape can help you get rid of tattoos quicker than other methods. Simply cover your tattoo with tape, gently rub it few times and peel off the tape slowly and your tattoo will lift up along with the tape. To prevent redness you can wash your skin afterward with cold water.

Tattoo Removal Wipes

There are few wipes or remover pads available on the market specifically made to remove temporary tattoos, including metallic ones, which can be difficult to remove with other methods. These are easy to use and are safe for the skin. Simply unfold a wipe and gently rub it over the tattoo. These wipes come in a variety of types and are often scented for a better experience.

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