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How Long Do Stick and Poke Tattoos Last?

Although the affordability of a stick and poke tattoo places it as a viable choice among college tattoo fanatics, the comparatively short lifespan of such tattoos has always been disappointing. They fade more quickly than standard permanent tattoos, so you may find yourself disappointed with the results after a while. However, a number of precautionary measures can keep your tattoo looking fresh for much longer.

How Long Do They Last?

The amount of time a stick and poke tattoo stays looking sharp varies, depending on numerous circumstances. The factors that influence its duration are the location of the tattoo on the body and the unique habits of each individual. To be more specific, tattoos on the arms and the chest, for instance, tend to last longer than tattoos on the hands. A plausible explanation for such a significant contrast in duration based on body location can be due to the fact that our hands experience contact with environmental elements more often than other parts of our body. In other words, have you ever considered how many times you wash your hands in a day? Therefore, the longevity of such tattoos relies heavily on a combination of environmental, habitual and body location factors.

Additional Steps for Enhancing Tattoo Longevity

In order to make sure your stick and poke tattoo is as durable as possible, you should always have the tattoo applied by a professional who knows the best techniques. Professionalism is not only important for artistic skill, but also the degree of quality of the tools utilized in making the tattoo, including the ink, the efficient functioning of the needle, and so on.

These tattoos need an extensive amount of personal aftercare. Following these steps will help ensure that your tattoo heals well and lasts as long as possible. It is strongly recommended to moisturize the area daily to prevent the area from drying up. Moreover, care should be exhibited in keeping the area of the tattoo clean. The use of sunscreen is vital, and finally, it’s important to avoid rubbing and/or scratching the area.

Getting a stick and poke tattoo is perhaps the most natural and time-consuming method of decorating your skin. Therefore, would not it be worth your time and money to select your artist carefully and follow the aforementioned precautionary measures to make getting your tattoo experience of a lifetime?

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