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Dagaz Rune Tattoo Origin

The Dagaz rune has been used as artwork on human skin ever since the Viking age, when Norse travelers displayed the elegant artwork proudly on their skin not only as a fashion icon but also as a charm which would enhance all the positive energies in their lives, enhancing their balance and contentment.

The Legacy of Dagaz

Dagaz, the last linguistic symbol of the Elder Futhark, is believed to possess supernatural powers like the other runic symbols of the time. It is assumed that body tattooing of Dagaz came into existence during the Viking period. According to Norse legend, people could not avail themselves of the supernatural benefit of Dagaz until the god Odin underwent an epic quest to gain the complete wisdom of the runes. Therefore, Dagaz and all the other runic symbols are considered to be divine blessings from Odin.

Since religion played a major role in the lives of Norsemen, Dagaz, like other runes, was used as a religious symbolic tattoo. Such artwork was created with the intention to utilize the power of nature to channel individual life forces in a positive direction to achieve goals, individual well-being, and so on. Since then, Dagaz has proudly been not only an aspect of personal fashion but also a supernatural way to ease life’s ills.

The Symbolism of Dagaz

Dagaz bears the literal significance of the natural cycles of the day. It is a symbol that is said to help with obtaining contentment in life through personal achievement and fulfillment. Dagaz also refers to the rebirth of the soul, and its cosmic energy is considered to harmonize the positive and negative energies in an individual life, therefore establishing an environment of serenity.

Furthermore, Dagaz also symbolizes new awakening, when darker times in life end, paving the way for an all-refreshing and all-enlightened new beginning. Risk assessment in one’s life is a vital component of Dagaz which establishes a basis to attain the perfect balance in life, supporting growth and preventing inhibition. Dagaz is the symbolic rune believed to instill the natural order of the environment in all living systems in order to make life ever-meaningful and ever-complete.

In a nutshell, Dagaz helps to support a sound and healthy life. These aforementioned benefits of Dagaz have inspired people to get their own Dagaz tattoo in order to connect with a longstanding tradition and bring some harmony to their lives.

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