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16 Stunning Celtic Tattoos for Your Inner Celtic Warrior

The popularity of Celtic tattoos has increased greatly since the time of Celtic warriors nearly 400 years ago. Celtic warriors were the first to use Celtic tattoos, and they used them as a war tactic. Celtic warriors also fashioned their hair in bright mohawks using flower pastes. Most of the time, they went into battle bare-chested or even naked. All these were war techniques to intimidate their enemies. Some tattoos were meant to intimidate while some were meant to show their passion and bravery to fight.

How Celtic Tattoos Were Made

Back in the day, Celtic tattoos were done using dye from the Woad plant. The plant was harvested and then dried, and the dry leaves were boiled to create a paste that was then used to create these beautiful Celtic tattoo designs.

Celtic Tattoos Today

Tattoos talk, and many people love tattoos because the symbols convey different meanings. Celtic tattoos typically show courage, bravery, and power. Below is a list of 16 Celtic tattoos and designs that will bring out your inner Celtic warrior with a simple stroke of a tattoo gun.

1. Dog of War Tattoo

Dog of War Tattoo

Animal tattoos show love for animals and also possession of specific animals characteristics. The dog of war tattoo shows you’re courageous and brave and it is mostly placed on the arm.

2. Celtic Colored Knot Forearm Design

Celtic Colored Knot Forearm Design

A knot is a religious symbol that stands for eternal life. Celtic colored knots show that there is something you believe in that has no end. Celtic knots are best placed on the arm, chest, and shoulder.

3. Celtic Old World Warrior and Dragon Tattoo

Celtic Old World Warrior and Dragon Tattoo

This old war tattoo, similar to the Viking compass, has a stunning look. It symbolizes bravery and power. It can be drawn in combination with a dragon and a warrior tattoo to make it more appealing. It’s mainly placed on the upper arm or shoulder.

4. Celtic Animals Tattoo

Celtic Animals Tattoo

A tattoo with more than one animal drawing shows that your powers and abilities are not limited to those of a specific animal – but many. Animal tattoos like these are usually placed on either the arm, chest or shoulder.

5. Bold Spiral Arm Tattoo

Bold Spiral Arm Tattoo

This tattoo portrays unity among the practical, natural and magical spirits. The three legs are known to represent the land, sea, and sky. Having this tattoo on your body shows that you have extra power and you have nothing to fear.

6. Old World Symbol with Tree and Birds Tattoo

Old World Symbol with Tree and Birds Tattoo

This is a combination of an old world symbol similar to popular Viking tattoos and a Celtic tree with some birds. The Celtic tree with birds shows the love for nature. It is best placed on the upper arm.

7. Celtic Dogs Upper Arm Tattoo

Celtic Dogs Upper Arm Tattoo

A dog tattoo is a symbol for bravery. Having this tattoo shows you can be cruel and brave at the same time. It can be drawn on the upper arm, chest or shoulder.

8. Celtic Animals Full Sleeve Tattoo

Celtic Animals Full Sleeve Tattoo

Celtic animal tattoos show ferocity, courage, and protection. They can also show love for specific animals. Animal full sleeve tattoos show strength and courage.

9. Celtic Cross Tattoo

Celtic Cross Tattoo

This is a very popular Irish tattoo. The Celtic cross symbol has more than one meaning. To some people, it is a sign of unity, while to others it’s a religious symbol. Cross tattoos show you have spiritual powers or connections. The tattoo is best placed on the arm or back.

10. Dog Knot Upper Arm Design

Dog Knot Upper Arm Design

This is a very popular tattoo drawn on the upper arm. The tattoo symbolizes unity among a group of people with the same tattoo design. Dog tattoos like these are usually placed on the arm, chest and also shoulder.

11. Minimalist Upper Arm Design

Minimalist Upper Arm Design

This is an amazing tattoo that symbolizes the life of a woman. It shows the three stages of a woman’s life: a young girl, mother, and grandmother.

12. Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo

Celtic dragon tattoos like these are mostly drawn on the shoulder and symbolize bravery and courage.

13. Colored Irish Design Tattoo

Colored Irish Design Tattoo

This colored tattoo design is mostly drawn by those who want to fill their arm with drawings hiding their skin completely. The tattoo shows brave and self-dependence.

14. Lower Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Lower Arm Sleeve Tattoo

This tattoo is similar to number 16 only that it is drawn on the lower arm. It symbolizes courage, bravery, and protection.

15. Celtic Shoulder Compass Design

Celtic Shoulder Compass Design

This Celtic compass tattoo is mostly drawn on the shoulder. It can be spiced up with animal drawings as well and it shows bravery and determination.

16. Celtic War Dog Tattoo

Celtic War Dog Tattoo

This tattoo is a combination of a Celtic cross and a Celtic dog. The cross is drawn inside a circle which is then extended to look like a worn wristwatch. It shows bravery and power.

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