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Can You Get a Tattoo While Pregnant?

Are you a pregnant woman wanting to get a tattoo? If so, you should probably focus more on keeping yourself out of unsafe, risky situations and wait out the 9 months versus going headlong and getting a tattoo. However, if you’re wanting to weigh the costs, then keep reading and we’ll explore what could go wrong if you do get a tattoo while pregnant.

Is It Smart to Get a Tattoo During Your Pregnancy?

It’s important to consider certain risk factors while getting a tattoo during pregnancy. Some of these include:

  • Hepatitis B 
  • Dyes and inks
  • Used needles

Contracting Hepatitis B not only affects your overall health but can also affect your unborn child. The chances of getting blood infections like Hepatitis B are high if a tattoo artist follows unhygienic practices so be sure your tattoo artist is safe and hygienic.

Dyes and inks may also impact your developing baby and can result in complications. Because of this, it’s best to get as much information about these from the tattoo artist in order to ensure you’re safe.

It goes without saying that used needles can be a massive health risk as well, so make sure your tattoo artist uses new needles each time.

Safety Precautions All Tattoo Artists Must Abide By

You should always check that your tattoo artist follows all of these guidelines whether you’re pregnant or not, but especially if you are! This way, you decrease any risks of causing complications with your pregnancy.

  • Check to make sure they wear gloves when performing the procedure
  • Ensure they use an autoclave for equipment sterilization
  • Scan the area and see if they keep the floors and surfaces as clean as possible
  • See if their dyes, dressings, and inks are not opened running risk of contamination

Epidurals and Tattoos

Do you have a new tattoo on your back? If so, a physician will recommend placing the epidural in the area that has not been tattooed. If your tattoo covers your entire lower back and the skin around it is still healing, your doctor may resort to nicking your skin before they put the needle in you. This will help lower the chances of ink from your tattoo getting trapped deeper in your skin.

The Final Verdict: Can Pregnant Women Get Tattoos?

Tattooing during pregnancy is definitely risky business, so talk to your doctor before getting one done. Personally, we think it would make the most sense waiting out your pregnancy before getting a tattoo since you’ll dramatically decrease your risk of harming your pregnancy. Of course, the choice is yours – and if you decide to get a giant Norse tattoo on your back while you’re 17 weeks pregnant, we won’t judge you. However, you should definitely think this through for your kid’s sake!

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