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Review of the Members Area

Members Home Page

The introductory page carries news items and updates about the website. There is a table of recent additions, and another listing any ongoing improvement projects.

The page also has a members-only email address for requests, suggestions, comments or queries.

Rune Meanings

 An illustrated article giving background information on rune names, meanings and interpretation, together with a navigation bar linking to the 24 rune meaning pages.

24 rune meaning pages
Each page gives extensive details of the rune's meaning, and interpretation.

There is a large illustration of the rune, and listings of all its associations. E.g., runic number, color, trees, plants and herbs, gemstones, elements (earth, air, fire, water) male or female polarity, and connections with the deities of the Northern Tradition. To see a specimen of these pages, click here.

Empowerment Rite

This page gives a detailed description of the empowerment for a runic tattoo. First, the illustrated article discusses the creation of a Vé  - a sacred place for performing rune work.

Then there is a suggested empowerment ritual with instructions for its performance, materials and equipment required, example chants and verses, and a process for completion of a successful rite.

Runic Transcription

This is a comprehensive illustrated guide to the transcription of letters and words from the modern English alphabet into runes.

It expands on the theme introduced in the Public Area, with fuller discussion on pronunciation and letter equivalents. There is a tutorial to help you get started on transcription projects and guidance on drawing runes freehand or with computer graphics. There is also a free .wav sound file "The Spoken Futhark" to download in which the Runemaker pronounces the rune names in the old Anglo-Saxon tongue.

Runic Design Library

Library Index
An introductory page to the 5 sections of the design library with a simple navigation tool.

Personal Bindrune Gallery
Over 1000 personal bindrune designs indexed on 11 pages of thumbnail pictures, each linking to a larger image of the bindrune.

There is also a dedicated search engine that will find over 5000 personal bindrune designs based on 2, 3 or 4 letters representing your initials. All images are easily copied or printed.  

Practical Bindrunes
4 pages containing over 40 illustrations of Practical Bindrune designs. Many are ancient in origin, but there are modern bindrunes, too. Some have been compiled especially for Rune Tattoos members to serve a specific purpose.

New designs are being added regularly as the result of members feedback, special requests  and ongoing research. All pages are set up so that the images are easy to copy and print.

Rune Styles

Ten graphic futhark styles are currently featured. thumbnail pictures link to full-size images suitable for copying to your PC hard drive, or printing to letter-size and A4 paper.

Each of the 10 style pages contain 40 rune forms covering both the Elder Futhark and the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc.


Symbolic Words
Three symbolic word lists containing over 100 rune scripts.

First, there are 60 Runic Words of Power.

Then there is a list of the gods of the Northern Tradition. Currently there are 50 entries for the most favoured gods. More will be added.

Next, there is a list of frequently-requested English words that seem to be the most popular for use with tattoos - with their rune transcriptions.

Finally, there is a feedback form where members can suggest additions to the lists - or even request a new list. This feedback facility is provided as a free service to members.

Traditional Forms
This last section of the Runic Design Library currently consists of four pages giving details of a dozen traditional runic forms.

There is a description of each design with information on its use, and a large, full color illustration suitable for copying or printing.

More designs are added occasionally as artwork is completed.

Knotwork Gallery

Knotwork Gallery Index
An introductory page to the 3 sections of the gallery with a simple navigation tool.

Knotwork Borders
5 pages containing 50 different straight, square, oval and circular knotwork borders for use with tattoo designs.

New designs are added occasionally in response to member requests. All pages are set up so that the images are easy to copy and print. Some larger images also have printer-friendly versions to simplify printing to letter-size or A4 paper.

Knotwork Decals
50 knotwork designs indexed by thumbnail pictures each linking to a larger image. These small, mainly traditional knots are ideal as space fillers and decoration on larger tattoos.

All the pages are set up so that the images are easy to copy and print.


Knotwork Motifs
Over 50 knotwork motifs, many of ancient origin, from Celtic, Viking and Anglo-Saxon sources. The motifs are indexed by thumbnail pictures each linking to a larger image.

The motifs are suitable for tattooing without modification, or may be incorporated into larger runic designs. Once again, All the pages are set up so that the images are easy to copy and print.

Members Download Zone

Downloadable EXE and ZIP files. Some of these are pages from the website (e.g. the Empowerment Ritual and the Transcription article from the Members Pages). They are available free in Word, Webpage or Acrobat PDF format.

The Spoken Futhark program mentioned in Rune Transcription above is here, too. This one is a self-installing browser-based program.

The page includes an extensive Help File for members who are new to downloading or unzipping files.

More free files - and a few chargeable ones - are added occasionally.

Members Search Engine

The main site navigation bar (top left on each page) offers 5 different functions for searching the Rune Tattoos website, all Runemaker Group sites, or the www. But only signed-up members can access pages in the members area using this dedicated search facility.

Site Improvement

The Members Area is now 10 years old and since 2006 has been pretty settled in its content. But there may be occasional updates in the future. We get feedback from members, requests for additions to the lists and graphics. Plus, there is ongoing research into all things runic, often involving the help of friends and colleagues throughout the internet runic community.

New graphic images, symbolic words, rune scripts and transcriptions, bindrunes, knotwork designs, articles and information have been added to the site from time to time, but this is only likely to happen once or twice a year at the most these days.

Rune Tattoos is presently the only website totally dedicated to rune tattoos. If copycat sites do eventually emerge, it is my aim that Rune Tattoos should always be the biggest and best source of runic information for tattoo artists and private enthusiasts alike.


Important Note


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