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Mail Order Service

You can order any of the services offered on this website by mail. Write me a letter and mail it with your payment - simple as that.

I will acknowledge your order by email as soon as it is delivered and you will get your membership credentials a couple of days later. Other work will take a little longer.

I accept cash, check (cheque), bank draft or money order, but not postal orders.


  • I accept GB Pounds, US Dollars and Euros
  • I recommend you send your order by recorded delivery or registered mail.
  • At the very least, fold the cash up in extra paper or cardboard so it is hidden from prying eyes and fingers.
  • I can only accept banknotes, so the prices are a little different from the online rates.
  • Please don't send coins, my bank doesn't accept them.

checks (cheques), bank drafts and money orders.

  • Sorry, I do not accept Postal Orders. They take too long to clear through the bank.
  • There is a surcharge for payments in US Dollars and Euros. I have to add this on to cover exchange and foreign bank clearance charges. The surcharge is shown in the price table below.

For checks, money orders and bankers drafts please add
the exchange surcharge to $ or € totals on the order form.

Check/Draft/Order Prices
GB Pounds US Dollars Euros
--  Exchange Surcharge none $9.00 €7.00
RT59  Site membership £5.00 $9.00 €7.00
RT60  Personal bindrune design £8.00 $12.00 €10.00
RT61  Transcription (up to 25 words) £15.00 $23.00 €17.00
RT62  Consultancy (per hour) £25 $40.00 €30.00

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