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On these pages you will find both practical and personal bindrunes. I am assuming you know something about runes already. If not, you can learn some of the basics from the Beginners Guide and the Table of Rune Meanings. For more in-depth information you might enjoy a visit to the main Runemaker website at

Practical bindrunes
These may be empowered as talismans with a particular objective such as improved health, business or financial success, harmony with a partner, love from a special person, help with weight loss, personal protection, safety and security of your home and personal possessions, etc.

The example on the left is a bind for personal wealth and security compiled from Elder Futhark runes.

To learn more about practical bindrunes and see some examples, go to Bindrunes Page 2.


Personal Bindrunes
These are designs where the bindrune is compiled from your personal initials or the letters of your name to form a kind of runic monogram.

They can be used simply for decoration, or they may be empowered to reinforce one's personality and emphasize the positive qualities of the psyche.

This bindrune of Anglo-Saxon runes includes Kauno, Jera and Tiwaz, representing the initials CJT.

To find out how these are constructed go to Bindrunes Page 3

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